Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Casino party?

Casino gaming tables - those typically found in most casinos - are delivered and set up at the location of your party. A casino party may be anything from a private home event, a Birthday or Anniversary celebration to an employee team building party or a corporate event.

Are casino parties legal in California?

Yes they are legal, but for entertainment purposes only. Money of any kind may never be bet or given away as a prize.

What about Fundraisers?

The State of California’s Business and Professions Code sections 19985-19987 allow for eligible nonprofit organizations to hold “charity poker night” fundraisers. Only "controlled games" may be used. Please contact us for a list of "allowable" games. When planning a fundraiser you must fill out forms with the department of justice. All forms may be found at the website of the Office of the Attorney General, State of California Department of Justice.

Where can I have a casino party?

Depending upon the number of guests you will have at your event, location can vary. Anywhere from a private home, to hotel ballrooms, restaurants or golf and country clubs. Churches and Schools work well when doing a fundraiser. We put together a blog post with more details and ideas here.

How long will the casino be open?

Quotes are based on 3 hours of dealing (with a max. of 4 hours). Additional hours may be added by client request.

What will happen on the day/night of my casino party?

Our office staff will coordinate a time with you to arrive and set-up the equipment. All tables will be set for play before any of your guests ever arrive. Accordingly at the end of your event, tables will be removed in as timely and unobtrusive manner as possible.

How will the dealers be dressed at my casino party?

Two regular options will be offered.

  • Option #1 (Formal): White tuxedo shirt with black bow tie or button cover, black pants, black shoes.
  • Option #2 (Classy, yet slightly less formal): Black shirts with regular red tie, black slacks and shoes.

However for an outdoor event we can wear khaki pants and Hawaiian shirt, or jeans etc. Just let our office staff know if you're having a theme party, or have a specific dress code request and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

How much does a casino party cost?

Quotes are individually done based on each clients specific needs. We will make sure you have the correct number of tables for your guest amount, or per your particular needs/preferences, or work within your budget. We will do our very best to work with each client's needs.

Why should I choose Pair a Dice Casino Parties for my event?

It can be very confusing when getting different quotes from other companies. Make sure the equipment described is what you will actually be getting. Our tables are built of the highest quality wood and have the same cushioned arm rests as those in a real casino. Our chips also have the same look and feel of real casino chips. We pride ourselves on sending out the best equipment, and once you have used our services, we know you won't be disappointed.

Once you have booked a party with Pair a Dice Casino Parties, we will work with you until the day of your event. We will be happy to do a site inspection to insure that all the casino tables will fit. We will help you with prize ideas and any other questions or concerns you may have. Our number one goal is to always meet (even exceed) the expectations of our clients.

Our services are popular for:

  • Monte Carlo Nights
  • Las Vegas themed parties
  • Poker parties
  • Casino Table Rentals
  • Fundraisers - "controlled games" only - contact for details
  • Corporate parties
  • Holiday parties
  • Private parties


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