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Top 4 Things to Consider with Casino Parties for Corporate Events

Event Planning, GamesOctober 17, 2016

A popular trend we’ve been seeing is the use of casino parties as company mixers and corporate team building events. Casino parties are a highly engaging form of entertainment, which promotes interaction between attendees. Invariably through competitive play, groups come together in the spirit of friendly competition and teamwork. The logistics and components are fairly  Continue Reading →

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Poker Rank of Hands

Games, ResourcesSeptember 5, 2016

Below is a cheat sheet for those playing poker to understand the rank of possible hands. We provide this because we often have inexperienced players who appreciate the reference. This post has been formatted for mobile as well, we encourage those who need it to view this page on their phone as a reference while  Continue Reading →

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Learn to play Blackjack like a Pro

GamesAugust 22, 2016

By following these simple playing tips, you can play Blackjack like a pro — and at the same time, avoid those disapproving glares from the other players at the table when you take a hit you shouldn’t or stay when you should have hit! Simple rules to keep in mind while playing: Dealer must “hit”  Continue Reading →

Top 3 Things About Casino Themed Birthday Parties

Event Planning, GamesAugust 8, 2016

Whether or not your guests are gambling aficionados, a casino themed birthday party is sure to be a hit. Casino themed parties do not involve real money, and everyone is welcome to play. Even the most inexperienced players, from grandparents to grandchildren, can become big winners for the night. Add in some friendly competition and  Continue Reading →